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Questa categoria sarà da depubblicare una volta inseriti almeno 6 immobili di prova e di test per vedere almeno il funzionamento dei moduli. Ma 2 però!
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Pitti panoramic apartment with view of Florence.
-Pitti panoramic apartment with view of Florence.-
Panoramic view of Florence from one of the apartment... Located in the heart of Florence with views over the monuments, this 19th century palace offers 12 apartment suites for short or long stays in this beautiful city. Each apartment is completely independent with all amenities; several are adjoining, allowing for parties from 2 to 8. A concierge is on-site 6 hours per day to assist you. Like a precious jewel box, the building consists of 12 tastefully and axclusively furnished apartments. Each one is named for one of the marvels of Florence, a unique symbol of its exclusive interiors and functional spaces. The many services provided, allow guests to rediscover the pleasure of living in a welcoming environment, where attention has been paid to the tiniest detail; and all this is accompanied by the sophisticated aromas and flavours of the dishes that can be prepared in your own kichen, offering a lifestyle based on small everyday pleasures.
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Florence city center, S.M.Novella
Apartment very central, between the "Lungarno" and Santa Maria Novella (train station). Equipped with two bedrooms for 4 persons, lounge with kitchene... [More]
1.200 € , Firenze , Firenze
Fiesole panoramic apartment with view of Florence.
Panoramic view of Florence from one of the apartment... Located in the heart of Florence with views over the monuments, this 19th century palace of... [More]
1.200 € , Firenze , Firenze
Cimabue app. , Florence center, S.Croce area
Appartamenti - Standard 2+2 max. 4 persone Two rooms apartment consisting of a large living room with a well equipped kitchen-corner; one twin dou... [More]
1.200 € , Firenze , Firenze

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